Mt.retour displaying at world beauty expo in Hong Kong

Mt.retour, the Australian certified organic essential oil, body and skin care brand will have a stand at the international beauty expo Cosmoprof on 10th-12th November 2010 in Hong-Kong.
This will be the first year Mt.retour displays at the world-leading exhibition which features the latest trends and products from the beauty and wellness industry.

“Cosmoprof offers Mt.retour an opportunity to display its certified organic essential oils, body, hair and skin care products on a world stage which is very exciting. Although Mt.retour is new in our portfolio of beauty and skin care products it offers the most growth potential. In just a short amount of time it has become one of Asia’s leading certified organic skin care brands,” says Mt.retour founder Pisan Chowvalit.

All Mt.retour essential oils, body, hair and skin care products are accredited by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and contain the highest organic standard ensuring that 95 percent of ingredients are certified organic. They are all enriched with the healing and therapeutic benefits of 100 percent pure essential oils and pure herbal extracts.

About Mt.retour
Mt.retour was inspired by nature and means ‘return to the mountains’ its range of certified organic essential oils and certified organic hair, body and skin care products are inspired by the purity of nature. They have the highest certified organic status and are accredited by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to have 95 percent certified organic ingredients. It exports to 15 Asian countries in Australia it is available in duty-free, souvenir shops and online at