Mt.retour is Australian Certified Organic with 95 percent certified organic ingredients. It has the highest organic certification in Australia and ensures no synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours are used. It is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

What is the difference between certified organic and natural skincare?
Truly certified organic skincare must be approved by a third-party certifying body. Mt.retour is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) the largest organic certifier in Australia. It ensures the highest standards for how ingredients are grown, prepared and packaged.
Its products have the ACO bud logo to ensure that 95 percent of ingredients are certified organic; remaining 5 percent still must comply with organic standards. It is approved by ACO processor 10551P.
Natural products contain some naturally derived ingredients but do not have the strict requirements needed to be certified organic. These products can contain petrochemicals and other synthetic preservatives like parabens and sulphates. This is not the case with truly certified organic skincare.
If you want a product that is truly certified organic and only contains 100 percent natural ingredients look out for the Australian Certified Organic logo.

What does Mt.retour mean?
In French, Mt.retour means ‘return to the mountains’ which is the origin of organic living. It is pure and unpolluted and has an abundance of natural precious resources. Our aim is to capture this pureness in our range of products by using the purest most natural, certified organic ingredients to create our certified organic essential oils and certified organic skincare.

Where does Mt.retour source its products?
Some of the herbs used in Mt.retour beauty products come from its certified organic farm in the Blue Mountains which grows and harvests its own lavender. It is ACO approved and is audited yearly to ensure no synthetic chemicals and used.
Where else are products sourced from?

How do I know if a product is genuinely certified organic?
Look for the bud logo approved by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). All the products in Mt.retour are certified organic by the ACO and carry the logo on all its packaging.

What are Mt.retour’s best-sellers?

  1. Organic Rose Hand Cream 100 ml
  2. Certified Organic Rose Face Serum 25  ml
  3. Organic Tea Tree Facial Wash 125 ml
  4. Organic Tea Tree Body Wash  500 ml
  5. Certified Organic Lavender Massage Oil 100 ml
  6. Certified Organic Rose Hip Face Serum 25 ml
  7. Organic Lavender Hand Cream 100 ml
  8. Certified Organic Rose Massage Oil 25 ml
  9. Organic Lavender Body Lotion 200 ml
  10. Certified Organic Rose Hydrosol 125 ml

How do I know which certified organic skincare product is best for my skin type?
When trying to select the best product for your skin-type look at the ingredients as each is designed to suit a particular skin. For example certified organic lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory and is recommended for sensitive skin. Certified organic rose essential oil stimulates circulation and is recommended for dry and mature skin as it improves fine lines.
‘Mt.retour certified organic rosehip face serum’ is great for repairing acne scars and helps fade pigmentation and is suitable for dry and sun damaged skin. ‘Mt.retour certified organic jojoba face serum’ is suitable for oily skin and helps control break outs. Go to the ‘skin type’ section of the website to find the most suitable certified organic skincare product for your skin type.

Where are Mt.retour certified organic essential oils and skincare products available?
Mt.retour certified organic essential oils and certified organic skincare products are available from selected distributors in 15 countries around the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, United States, New York, China and Vietnam. Mt.retour is the leading certified organic skincare  brand in Asia it is known for its quality certified organic essential oils, organic face cream, organic face serum and certified organic hand cream. In Japan it is available in 34 high-end stores nationwide and can be found in pharmacies in Macau.
In Australia it is available from all duty-free and souvenir shops and can be ordered online.

Which are Mt.retour most popular products?
Mt.retour certified organic rose hand cream – (include a link of where this product is in the website) this incredibly nourishing cream includes the soothing and moisturising properties of aloe vera, the floral scent of certified organic rose essential oil and sweet almond oil which is very lubricating and penetrates deep into the skin. Your hands are left feeling moisturised with a beautiful sweet smelling scent.
Mt.retour certified Lavender hand cream – this beautiful certified organic hand cream is lightly fragranced with the healing benefits of lavender essential oil which has a very relaxing scent. This certified organic cream is popular as it is also fortified with macadamia oil which effectively treats dry and damaged skin to help make hands silky smooth.
Mt.retour certified rose face cream – this delicately scented cream with certified organic rose essential oil is very popular with its sweet floral rose scent. As it works hard to moisturise the skin it also leaves behind an alluring fragrance that engulfs and enlivens all the senses. It leaves you feeling silky smooth and truly pampered.
Mt.retour certified lavender face cream – this fragrant cream has the delicate scent of certified organic lavender essential oil that leaves a soft lingering scent on the skin. All Mt.retour certified organic skincare products make you feeling exhilarating. The essential oils penetrate deep into the skin whilst leaving behind a healing, therapeutic effect.
Are Mt.retour certified organic essential oils and organic skincare expensive?
No. One of the visions for Mt.retour is to make sure it contains the purest and most finest certified organic ingredients and is affordable. It is actually 30-50 percent cheaper than most other certified organic skincare brands on the market.
Where is Mt.retour made?
Mt.retour is proudly 100 percent made and owned in Australia.
If I order online how long is the delivery time for Mt.retour?
(Please let me know how long it takes to deliver products)
What products does Mt.retour have in its certified organic skincare range?
It has certified organic essential oils, certified organic face and hand creams and a range of certified organic hair care products that use the healing properties of herbs and certified organic essential oils.
Where are Mt.retour products manufactured?

They are manufactured (please give more information) in a way that maximises the potent living energy of the organic plant extracts so products are healing and therapeutic.