A chronic skin disease characterized by dry red patches covered with scales

A common skin disease (affected 2 – 4% of US population). Skin cells grow too quickly, causing lesions of red, raised patches that are covered with silvery scales.



If there is a superficial scaling, the first treatment is cold tar or ketaconazole shampoo. However, these are chemical products and there is a chance that Psoriasis can reoccur. Another way is to apply Corticosteroids on the skin. It is one type of steroids, and with the prolonged use of the cream, thinning of the skin can occur.

We believe by using Mt. retour products can treat mild Psoriasis and keep the skin disorder under control. This is because organic products do not contain chemical so there is less chance of any side-effects compared to over-the-counter medicines. Organic products offer natural solutions which are safer and gentler for health.